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Navy SEAL Mock Up

Derviation of the Word Mock-Up
To preserve the Newsletters “The Mock-Up” the Treasure Coast Genealogical Society was approached by the Navy SEAL Museum of Ft. Pierce, Florida to carefully scan and index all of there newsletters in a searchable PDF format. Due to the extent of the project that begins with Volume 1, Issue 1 in April 1943, this project is an on going project with an estimated time of completion in early 2017. As issues of The Mock-Up are completed, you may feel free to search for names listed in various PDFs on this site. We hope this listing will help you find ancestors who may have been at the Navy SEAL Training Base.
There have been, since the establishment of our base paper MOCK-UP, many inquiries as to the meaning and derivation of the word, mock-up. The word is of Scottish origin and is well known to those engaged in shipbuilding. Before a ship is built the hull is projected according to- the actual size and plan in a mold loft. These projections are usually made of either heavy paper or light wood. Through this method the actual plates can be cut and shaped accurately. Since curved plates fore and aft are rather difficult to shape, the aid of a mold is needed. In this country the mold is known as a box mold, but in Scotland it is known as a mock—up. Thus, a mock—up may be defined as a full sized pattern of an object to be duplicated. In a recent Saturday Evening Post article entitled, “Mock~Up of the Future,” the word mock-up implies a pattern of the future. We are all familiar with the use of the mock—up in amphibious training. It should not be difficult to see the connection between the name of this publication and the actual word used in its broadest sense.

Navy SEAL Newsletter - “Mock-Up” Directory

USN Atlantic Fleet, Amphibious Training Base, Officer Roster

Volume 1 - April 1, 1943 Through July 17, 1943

Volume 2 - July 31, 1943 Through January 26, 1944

Volume 3 - February 25 1944 Through December 29 1944

Volume 4 - January 5 1945 Through October 26, 1945