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Saint Lucie County Obituary Abstracts

1905 - 2015

Treasure Coast Genealogical Society is located within the Susan B. Kilmer Branch Library, Ft Pierce, Florida. Within this branch is a collection of various newspaper that contain Obituaries on Microfilm going back to 1905. If you have, or think you may have an ancestor who has passed away in Saint Lucie County, Florida, you may want to download a searchable PDF of the Obituary Abstracts. This PDF is a very large file and may take considerable time to download - Please Be Patient. Once you have successfully downloaded the Abstract PDF, open it in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader ( FREE at ). Under “Edit” scroll down to “Advanced Search”. In this window, type in the ancestor’s last name and hit the “Search” button. If your ancestor is found, note all of the information on this person. You may now e-mail us at: A volunteer will now take that information, locate the file in the Microfilm Library, scan in the original obituary and e-mail a copy back to you for your records. To get your Abstract PDF - Click or tap the stone below.
For any genealogist the aquisition of the actual obituary is very important to the development of the family tree. Within most obituaries are the documentation of spouse, next of kin, children, date of birth, date of death, cemetery of internment and many other possible valuable bits of information.