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TCGS Digital Library

Look through the books located in our Digital Library. You may come across genealogical and/or historical information pertaining to an ancestor you are researching.
AncestryDNA 101: The Insider’s Guide to DNA We all have DNA. It’s the genetic code that tells your body how to build you. You inherit half of your DNA from each parent: 50% from Mom and 50% from Dad, though exactly which DNA gets passed down is random. Because they inherited their DNA in the same way from their parents, your DNA is made up of pieces of DNA passed down from your ancestors going back generations. Documentation Basics A guide to planning and managing documentation projects. Emigrants From England 1773-1776 Family Histories & Genealogies with Charts Frank D Andrews - Family Bibles Genealogical records from old family bibles, manuscripts and letters. Collected and compiled by Frank D. Andrews. Genealogical and Family History of Western NY A record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the building of a nation. Genealogy Helps - Volume 9 Glossary of Ancient Cornish Names A glossary of Cornish names: ancient and modern, local, family, and personal.