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Pennsylvania State Archives Includes many governmental and non-governmental records scattered across many different types of indexes and searchable databases. Not all is online, but it’s quite possible to find what you need here or perhaps a link to more information. Pennsylvania’s Electronic Library Massive digital resource from all types of Pennsylvania libraries, try out the digital collections to get started with your family research. You will find multiple collections from genealogy to local history. Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission Not strictly genealogical in nature, use this as baseline information for the state as well as outbound linkages for external resources. Rhode Island Search With this resource, not strictly related to Rhode Island, you can do a quick keyword term for family names or other historical information related to this state and get impressive results. Look for titles such as Proceedings of the Rhode Island Historical Society and Rhode Island Historical Magazine. South Carolina Digital Library Basic and advanced search options make this online historical portal easy for genealogists of all levels. While there’s a lot of history here, you will also find plenty of good information and leads for family research. Browse by county or state map to jump right in, but don’t forget the other online collections as well. South Carolina Department of Archives & History A smaller archive, these online records are mostly searchable indexes. It’s modest size does not take away from the wealth of information you can find here. South Dakota State Historical Society Once here, try the digital archives link for cross-section information from all record types, including manuscripts, survey notes, photos and more. Basic or advanced search makes quick work of searching and records are fully tagged. University of South Dakota Archives and Special Collections While perhaps more historical
than genealogical, there are many good resources on South Dakota that can be found here. Multiple collections and search options can perhaps lead you to additional facts about the state’s history, cities, counties, and even your ancestors. Tennessee State Library and Archives One massive portal to Tennessee history and genealogy, start here for resources ranging from maps and images to the Tennessee Virtual Archive. You’ll also find county records, details on daily life in the state, and even digital Civil War records. Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture While not strictly genealogy orientated, this site can still be valuable for your research. From famous Tennesseans to county and city information, this is good for filling in the history of “how” your Tennessee ancestors lived. Texas State Library & Archives Commission Overview resource on all things related to the state of Texas, including archival holdings. This a great jumping off point to discover to other important collections and resources for the state. Portal To Texas History Overview resource on all things related to the state of Texas, including archival holdings. This a great jumping off point to discover to other important collections and resources for the state. Utah State History A comprehensive listing to all things related to Utah state history, you’ll also find family research information including payroll ledgers, multi-media imagery, diaries and much more. There is a lot here, so you will need some time to fully search all the resources included. Utah Department of Heritage and Arts While not pertaining to family research alone, this site is still a great resource for the digital collections it contains. From the Markers and Monuments database to theSSss Utah State Cemeteries and Burials database, it’s certainly possible to find that one elusive fact you may have been searching for! Vermont Historical Society Some of the excellent resources found here include audio, manuscript transcriptions and many other
primary source materials. Vermont State Archives Not strictly historical, yet not only family-oriented, this archives does have information to offer the genealogist. Virginia Memory Offered by the Library of Virginia, this online destination offers history and multiple digital collections for you to research. The Civil War Map Project, and several photograph and family registers, make this a collection to investigate further! Virginia Heritage For primary source materials related to your family history, this site may be just the ticket. With 30+ institutions ranging from public libraries to colleges, combined with easy- to-use advanced search options, there is certainly a lot to find here. Washington State Digital Archives Multiple collections, multiple searches, and many family resources such as divorce records, cemetery directories and birth information, make this a primary stop for your Washington state genealogical investigations. Washington State Historical Society 500,000 images and 70,000+ artifacts makes this online destination a place to return to again and again. Highlights include multiple search methods and materials such as images, paper ephemera, and more. West Virginia Memory Project With images and several digital collections, you’ll find a wide variety of resources that can help in your family research. Includes online digital vital record options, too. West Virginia State Archives This resource has strong features that can be useful to your family research for West Virginia. Use the Guides to Collections to see exactly what resources are available, including titles, personal names, locations and more. Wisconsin Historical Society Extensive, searchable and very usable, there is a lot of information to help you uncover your Wisconsin heritage. Search directly, but don’t overlook county history books for additional details.
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