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University of Wisconsin- Madison Digital Collections More of a historical collection than strictly genealogical in scope, don’t overlook the primary and secondary materials or the many local city collections available for use online. Plan on spending some time at this site to fully explore all your options. Wyoming State Historical Society While you might think it only historical, look closer. Oral histories and topic search expand the focus of this excellent online resource to family research as well. Check the A-Z listings for articles and links to get started. Wyoming State Archives With this extensive Wyoming archive portal, there’s a lot to gain for the family researcher. Some records are searchable at the site, but also find links to other state governmental records databases and digital collections. Canadian Research This site is part of the Canadian Library System. This link starts you off on “Step 1” of the “How to research”.

Addendum Links:

Minnesota Digital Library For this site, start with the projects page and move to the Primary Source Sets for history and genealogical information, especially with the integration of the Digital Public Library of America. Mississippi Department of Archives & History If your family history leads you to the state of Mississippi, then here is the place for finding basic and advanced digital collections and information. Many photographs and media archives are available along with oral history, tax roll information, and more. Mississippi Digital Library Lots of good information here, all of which can be easily searched and used. Plenty of state history, leavened with family genealogies and other related information. 150,000 plus items from 30 partner organizations! State Historical Society of Missouri There’s a lot here to take in, so plan on spending some serious time here seeing what’s available. Helpful digital collections include newspapers, maps and more but the real power of this site lies in the sheer volume of information it
holds for those with Missouri heritage. Missouri State Genealogical Association Surname lists and research links can quickly get you started on this site, but don’t overlook the free access to the digitized newsletters online which contain even more information and links galore. Montana Historical Society A great place to start for history and family research information in Montana. Be sure to utilize the research tab and available collections, including links to Montana Place Names and Digitized Montana Newspapers Online, to name a few. Montana Memory Project For genealogical and historical information on Montana and your ancestors who lived there, this site has a lot to offer. The key here is to use the participating institutions and the materials they have placed online. Highlights include many images featuring specific towns and locations, but you will also find good links to documents, maps and other materials/resources. ________________________________ Civil War Genealogical Links: Find Civil War Soldier Lists in more that 13 billion genealogical records. Family Search Index of soldiers who served in the Civil War, 1861-1865 culled from 6.3 million soldier records in the General Index Cards to the Compiled Military Service Records in the National Archives. National Park Service Civil War pension files, can contain statements of family relationships, dates and places of marriage, and lists of various places the soldier lived after the war. Muster-in rolls often contain places of birth, as do descriptive rolls. American Battlefield Trust The Cost of War: Killed, Wounded, Captured, and Missing; Charts military deaths in American wars, including Civil War battles and by state. National Park Service Prisoner List The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System currently includes information about two Civil War prisons: Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland and Andersonville prison camp in
Andersonville, Georgia. Search the prisoner records and view histories for both prisons. Ancestral Findings Civil War Confederate Pension Applications Index A soldier’s application lists the Veteran’s place of enlistment, unit, period of service, battles participated in, and whether he was wounded or captured. Pension applications also included information on place of birth, number of children, and value of personal and real property owned by Veteran. (Request a free lookup from this database.) Ancestral Findings Military Records: Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865 This resource contains the complete index of the National Archives microfilm roll number M918, Register of Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, and Citizens Who Died in Federal Prisons and Military Hospitals in the North 1861-1865. (Request a free lookup from this database.) Ancestral Findings Roll of Honor: Civil War Union Soldiers Military Records (Request a free lookup from this database.)
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